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A domain is an identifying name that defines a website. its recommended to own a domain rather than sub domains such as domain name gives a website high search engine rank.With a domain you can transfer your host & domain from one host & registrar to another without losing your visitors .

There are types of domain names, such as com,net, org, info etc.,Depending on your brand and choice.There are a lot of domain registrars out there such as godaddy, name cheap 1&1 etc.

My focus is on godaddy.


have been in existence for the past 20 years now and are no1 registrar company in the whole world.
World no1 recommend registrar company with over 200,000000 registered domains.
They re malware free ,they re more trusted than other registrars .

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I'm here to help you, especially the upcoming bloggers who may find it hard.with this Godaddy promotion code CJC99COMCJCSIGLERC you can purchase a domain name for the first year, almost free, as low as 300naira in Nigeria currency.


comIts another powerful registrar.1&1 have been in existence for years and are known as a domain registrar and host.1&1 is one of the cheapest domain name can register a domain as low as 1$ for the first  year.

The name is the second best domain name registrar after folded. The good thing about name cheap is their affiliate. Namecheap offers affiliate for website owners to make any money when someone purchases a domain /host through your affiliate link.
Use this code “MyTipsHub” for a 20 % discount.

 is known for web hosting and domain registrar. Page gives free domain when you host with me.

This is another great registrar. their domain is almost free when you host with them. intersetve have been in existence since 2001 There are other registrars that's worth trying.

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