Creatures we thought were real

Vampires are undead creatures that feeds on the blood of the living beings.vampires were believed to have existed but not proven by scientists.
People believe in existence of vampires.

Flying horse
Flying horse were believed to have the ability to fly despise it seize and weight .the Greek mythology was believed to be injurious to human beings .according to myth flying horse was a living demon ,though no specific proof that flying horse existed.


Unicorn is an ancient creature regarded as the beast because of it physical powers and has horn.
Unicorn has some special or magical powers.
Unicore can ineffective poisons ,can heal skin and can only be captured by virgin but no scie
But didn't exist.

Mermaids are marine creatures ,referred as half human and half fish in shape of woman and tail of a fish.
This creature were in human shape ,mermaid has feelings and can fall in love with human a d can be transgendered to human being.
Mermaid were worshipped by some ethnics ,people believe they had special powers .

A dragon is an ancient creature,mentioned in the bible ,has power to spew fire ability to fly despise it size and in reptilian shape.
The larger world believe in existence of dragon.truth be told dragon never existed though pe
ople are trying to make it realistic .

It is a many-headed serpent in believed to have the ability of regrowing any of its head back when cut off.

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