Free data day enjoys unlimited browsing


Glo has declared 11 august 2017 as free data day, meaning you can surf the internet free without any deduction in  your account.
 Glo was the first telecom network in Nigeria and the first telecom network to launch 2g and 4g network in Nigeria and also the first network to give their subscribers a free data day. 
we all know Glo has a very poor network in some Nigeria states, depending on the location while their network rocks in some locations.Glo are about to make history .challenging other telecom networks .
On Tuesday been 8th august 2017 in a press statement glo promised to make Friday 11August a free browsing day for all their subscribers who is expected to use 150-250  on voice calls to qualify for the free browsing day.
glo  expects their customers  to spend more on voice calls  before the free data usage day .
its unlimited its free data, you can download as much as you want no data restriction or data limit .
you don't have to dial any code to opt in meanwhile glo would notify you when you qualify 
To enjoy this special offer,Use 250 on voice calls & 100mb before the free browsing day.Glo will notify you when you qualify.
For prepaid customers, you re already qualified .

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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