How to edit blogger template using phone


Hello guys, today I'm going to tutor you on, you can edit blogger template right on your smart phone.
I know not all bloggers have a computer, most times you may find it difficult editing your template to your satisfaction. on this tutorial, I will show all the necessary steps to edit blogger template and make your blog loom beautiful.

  • Requirements
1. Droidedit pro or free version 
2. X-plore
3.920 text editor
4. Axel
5. Anwriter 
6. Quickedit

Above mentioned apps can be downloaded from google playstore.
Now let's begin .head over playstore and download any of thses apps 
My preferred editing app is droidedit or x-plore,comment below for link .

Is a source code editor and similar to notepad ,best source code editing app for android .
Open your Droidedit click on the right side icon ,open ,selelect your the blogger template you want to edit and edit to your satisfaction.

Is a file manager app and can be downloaded from google playstore .its not only a file manager it does the work of a source code editor .now open your file x-plore locate the blogger template you want to edit and start editing .

920 text edit

Is a cool source code editing app ,open your 920 app ,
Axel is an XML tool and blogger templates are XML files.I think Axel is the best tool for editing blogger templates .open your Axel select open the blogger template you want to edit and start editing .

Anwriter  and Axel are same.

open your Anwriter click on the folder, layer  select the blogger template you want to 
edit and start editing .

Quick edit
Quickedit is another great source code editing your quick edit ,click on the menu bar sdcard ,the blogger template and start editing .


After editing your template head over to your blogger dashboard themes scroll up and click on back up & restore download your current theme before uploading your new editor temple.

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