How to verify nigeria,uk and us AdSense account


Adsense is the easiest way for bloggers to make money and monetize their websites.
Adsense is strictly pay per click company owned by google .
Getting google AdSense approval is hard,not only that verifying your approved AdSense account is another problem.
These days adsense don't pay any unverified AdSense account ,adds will stop showing if you fail to verify before AdSense deadline date, untill you verify your account.

How to verify Nigeria AdSense

You got AdSense approval and not verified,you can never get paid by AdSense.
These has been challenging to bloggers ,verifying your AdSense account is not really hard.
There are two methods to verify your Nigeria AdSense payment ,either by pin or identification card.
Log in to your AdSense account scroll down to payment and verify your pin.
To verify your pin you need to enter your address correctly ,make sure you enter correct postal code correctly because AdSense will send your pin to the postal code and address provided,then click on submit and wait for 10-15  days to receive your AdSense pin from Google ,enter the pin sent to you by AdSense in your payment form submit and wait for AdSense reply.

How to  verify UK,us or any other country AdSense account.

Hello do you know you can verify any country AdSense from Nigeria .this method am going to show you is simple and doesn't require any stress .to verify your UK & us AdSense account you need to provide your tax I'd I would suggest you get this info from your foreign friends .this method is quite frustrating don't worry I will show you the easy way.
Goto sign up an account, choose the country you want to verify your AdSense. Shoptomydoor will generate address for you ,which you will include in payment form then submit.
Google AdSense will send your pin to ,they will receive your pin and send it to your email immediately but you will pay them 10$ before they can send the pin to you.

To receive payment directly from UK or us you will need pionner account and master card you can sign up by going to their website

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