All in one messenger


Last week I came across this great app decided to share with you guys.
All in one messenger app is an application that contains all social network packed in one app.
Imagine having twitter ,Facebook ,Snapchat,Google hang outs,WhatsApp name them,everything In one messenger app.

All in one messenger has made chat easy and this is a must have app .all in one messenger is the answer to all your social network problems.

All in one messenger saves you from social network stress like bug & logs everything you want is packed in one app.this great tool works in all android devices.
Use google chrome search all in one messenger add to your short cut buttons and enjoy.

>Facebook Messenger
>Google Hangouts
> Slack
> Grape
> Discord
> Flowdock
>Tencent QQ
> XMPP (Jabber)
> Mattermost
> DingTalk
> Noysi
> BearyChat
> Missive
>Yahoo Messenger
> Zalo
> Crisp

All in one messenger is secured and optimized,your chats and privacy are safe .

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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