Wwe summerslam results


hello family i bring you wwe summerslam results ,never miss any of your tvshow because tellkiss.com.ng gat you covered .
Summerslame is one of the biggest event in wwe paper view and was wrestled yesterday
The match was quite entertaining lesner retaining his title ,jinda retained his wwwe champion while the two female champions lost to their opponent.

Wwe summerslam results:

John cena vs Corbin baron
The show kicks off with John cena beating baron in 5minutes match.
John got his quick win victory .
John cena defended Corbin baron.

Wwe smackdowm female champion 
Nataly defended Naomi for the word female championship
Noami tapped out to lose her champion.

Big Cass def big show 

History made randy Orton with quick RKO on rusev to beat him.
Randy Orton def  orton in 5 secs to break rock's wrestlmania 6mins victory

Alexcia bliss tapped out to Sasha banks to lose her wwe championship.
Sasha banks def Alexcia blisss for wwe world female champion

Another quick match finnbakor def braywyatt
We know these guys have been brawling for the past two weeks ,bray def Finn valor last week .

Wwwe tag team championship Seth Rollins and dean ambrose def Cesaro and Shamus for wwe tag team championship.
Its good to  see the shelid uniting once again .the match is incredible both guys beat up themselves .

An styles def kelvin Owens to retain his title Shane been the guess referee  this match is awesome both guts tore each other .

Kinder mahal def shinsuke nakamura for the wwe world championship.
Yeah great match though it ended few minutes.

Wwe 4fatal way world championship brooklesner def roman reigns,strauman and Samoa Joe to retain his wwe. World championship this is the main event ,the match everyone have been  waiting ...
The 4guys beat up themselves but leaner pinned roman to retain his wwe world championship .

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