All in one seo tools


Today I will teach all the useful tools to boost seo.
What's SEO ?
Seo means searching engine optimization.
This tool helps in crawling traffic.if you want to be a successful blogger you must have good seo.

How to crawl traffic

First submit  your URL to google webmaster  bing and yahoo.

Share your posts on social media.
Submit your sitemap
Set your robot texts
Set your keywords and description

Tools for seo

1.  Article writer : used for spinning words.

2.plagiarism checker :this tool is great used for checking contents before publishing .you can check if your content has being published by another person .recommended for webmasters.

3.blacklink useful too helps in crawling traffic.

4. Meta tags : for good seo you  ought to set your meta tags .your keywords and description if your site for good seo.

5.robots text : helps in crawling traffic .

6. XML site map : you must submit your site map to your Google and bing webmasters index.
7. Online ping .another way of crawling traffic and fast indexing .

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