what are the difference between wordpress and blogspot


what are the difference between wordpress and blogspot

Blogger is a free hosting platform owned by google.
blogger is a free hosting platform
Blogger doesn't support all the programming languages
Blogger is exposed to malware and other viruses 
Blogger has no security can easily be attacked 
Blogger doesn't require money to start
Some blogger's features are limited in the sense that you cannot have a professional website on blogger 
Blogger has AdSense integration
Blogger has higher traffic over WordPress 
Blogger host is unlimited 
Blogger themes are less cost 
Blogger has analytics
Blogger has AdWords planner

WordPress Is a platform where professional developers create and exhibit their creativities.

WordPress is owned and managed by WordPress teams 
WordPress has all the necessary tools to set up a professional website
WordPress looks more expertise than blogger
You re your own boss in the sense that you re free to create any type of website as pleased 
WordPress has facilitated plugins to make a website satisfying 
WordPress themes has more advantages over blogger themes 
WordPress has plugin for forums
Wordppress has plugin for protecting  your website and blocking hazardous attacks 
WordPress has plugin to stop bot clicks 
WordPress has plugin for merchant gateway
Big companies like CNN are using word press  WordPress accepts all programming languages
WordPress requires money to start .

The two platforms are good have seen people that chose blogger over WordPress.

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