Bontel E11 specifications featuring Android 0rea and price


Hello guys have you heard of bontel another brand from Chinese company.
Bontel came out last year with their first product bontel 10 .

Bontel E 11 featuring the latest version of android 0rea ,13pixels ,8gb storage 1gb ram and 4000 battery capacity.
Price 19,000 depending on your location

1gb ram 8gb storage we know the storage isnt that great good for the price

Battery capacity
4000 battery capacity isn't that bad ,it doesn't drain battery like other android devices .

Features of bontel E11

Android 0rea
13pixels and 8front pixels
Dual sim
4g lite
8gb storage
1gb ram
4000 battery capacity
1.3 core Mali processor

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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