Whatsapp blocked in china


China bans WhatsApp for not complying to their rules making space for tencent . First it was Google China blocked google and second was facebook . After banning of Facebook in 2009 ,China said Facebook are welcome if they will accept their rules .
China sued WhatsApp June 2017 finally banned WhatsApp September 2017 making tencent the largest social network in China .

Only social network allowed in China is wechat ,we don't know why China keeps blocking popular social networks from operating in China .

China government are strict, banned google,Facebook, Instagram and now WhatsApp for not complying to their rules .

China has total of 1.90million tencent users in China  while Facebook have 1billion users in the whole world   big disaster for Facebook and WhatsApp giving tencent the opportunity to domainanate in China .

China blocked sharing of photos and videos the reason behind WhatsApp banning.
Can you leave in a country where there's no Facebook,google,Instagram and WhatsApp ?

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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