remove footer credit link from blogger template


remove footer credit link from blogger template

Let's do some coding add this to your down attributes 
<div class='ty-copy-container body-row'>
  <div class='ty_footer_copyright'>
Or type distributed or copyright 
Remove distributed and paste these codes after distributed or copyright 

.sitelinks {
</style> <div class='page-footer'>
<div class='sitelinks'>
<p id='policy-pages'><a href='href=''>Privacy Policy</a> | <a href='href=''>Disclaimer</a> | <a href='href=''>Terms and conditions</a> | <a href='href=''>Contact Us</a> | <a href='href=''>About Us</a> | <a href=''>Sitemap</a> |  <a href=''>HOME</a> designed by bernardvictor | Powered by <a href=''>Blogger</a></p>

Replace the links with your own links  or use this code <a href='href=''>About Us</a> | to create your own 

Add this code to your attributes in your layout but the first code is more professional .

I am tmerlin a tech lover


Don't understand you here, where are we going to place the code layout or <head

Please. Drop you URL lemme see your template

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