how to get us number for whatsapp


Okay guys today I will show how you can get verified USA number.
Nawa days people use usa number to trick others or defraud them.
This tutorial is meant for good use ,any misuse with this tutorial you re solemnly responsible .

You can get USA number easily from primo,TextNow or text me but not verified .

To get USA number that receives call and SMS right on your mobile phone but not verified, can't be used on WhatsApp.

Next plus is a mobile app that gives international number USA precisely.
Due to excessive abuse of next plus they stopped extending their services to Africa countries and Asia countries also.

TextNow is another powerful international mobile number generator .it generates USA number that works but not verified or authentic.

Textme is the best,you can get any country number is  verified and authentic, again their numbers are paid .

How to get working USA number with Google voice.
Have you heard of Google voice before?
This tool is the best for getting USA number.
Google voice is not for all country ,Google voice is strictly made for those residing in USA ,with google voice you can receive and make call right on your smart phone with google voice USA number .

To get USA number using google voice.
You need to find someone in USA who WIl give you his phone  number  google will send activation code to and he sends it to you, enter the code Google sent by Google .
Congratulations start flexing your new USA number.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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You didn't say how to get any working us number for free,anyway I can teach you how to get a working us number that can call, receive text messages and also WhatsApp for just a token contact me on WhatsApp with 08141148415

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