adsense invalid click protector


adsense invalid click protector

Do you know you can stop people or bots from bomb clicking your  AdSense.

AdSense is strict when it comes to fraud click or invalid clicks .
Recently bloggers complained of ban or disabling of their google AdSense account due to invalid clicks .
They might not have violated AdSense policy still yet got banned .

Nawadays they are lots of bots programmed by hackers and virus developers to destroy blogger's way of revenue especially In some Asia and European countries .these bots can generate millions of invalid clicks without any page views .
Another way of invalid click is from human click.
Some persons ,group of people or an individual may decide to wicked you by continuously click on your AdSense banner resulting to invalid click and AdSense account disablement.

How to protect your AdSense account
If you re blogging on WordPress good news for you can use wordpress  plugin  AdSense invalid click protector the plugin counts your click ,blocks IP after 3ckicks and will stop displaying to the targeted IP for one day.

If you re a blogger you can protect your AdSense in the waying ways 

Constantly monitor of your AdSense
Remove the targeted AdSense unit once the page ctr goes up ,your page ctr shouldn't be above 7 page ctr, report to google once you notice your ctr is going up.
AdSens toolbar
This is a new plugin by google to help you protect your AdSense publisher account or self clicking your self .
If you mistakenly self click yourself and you have this tool set on your google chrome your click won't count .
Good thing about this AdSense tool bar is it blocks bot click and invalid clicks so with AdSense tool bar you don't worry about bomb clickers or bot clickers .
To install this tool in your device use the link below .

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