how to publish a blog on blogger


how to publish a blog on blogger

how to publish a blog on blogger

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can publish post on blogger .

Before publishing a posts you have to ask yourself this question, what am I going to publish ?
When you publish a post you publishing for the whole world not just for yourself, you need to write quality contents .
Your post should be something people would love to read ,don't just publish anything or copy someone's work take your time think deep come up with something people wants to read and publish .

Publishing a post on blogger you need to log in to your dashboard scroll up to post click on post and start publishing your post.
Write your contents after writing your contents press save and publish .

You can publish  posts or insert codes using  HTML ,you can insert images to your post ,you can check spelling error ,you can insert table ,colomns ,you can use bold words,italic words,underscore words ,you can upload videos to your posts or audios everything made easy no programming knowledge required

Note your keywords matters this is what will actually drive traffic for your website if you have any questions comment below .

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