How to recover deleted files on android


Hello guys today I'm going to show you how you can recover your deleted files on android .
Its not a big deal most time we delete our files ,applications ,ducuments unknowingly from our device.
Yeah unlike PC that has recycle bin .
To recover deleted files on android is way complicated,third party application is required or PC.
You can recover your deleted files using any of this tools.

1.      Es explorer 
What isves explorer ? Its a file manager or tool for android phones.with this amazing tool you can recover any of your deleted files .
This app comes with recycle bin,it actually saves any deleted files on your device in recycle bin.
All you need to do is ,goto recycle bin and restore the delete
d file you wish to recover.

2.   Dumpster
This is another useful too .if you have dumpster app installed on your device you need not to worry about lossimg your files again.this app recycles all your deleted files for you.

Image/video recover
Used for recovering deleted images  or videos.
This app recovers all your deleted photos on your android

Contact recovery
This is the only app that can recover deleted contacts and can be downloaded from  playstore

Message recovery app

This app is similar to contact recovery app.
With message recovery app you can recover deleted messages on your device ,sim card and SD card.  

How to avoid losing files.
Google drive.
This tool is one In a million .I use this tool often .
What's google drive ? Google drive is an online cloud storage,helps in storing data,applications, files online and can be downloaded anytime .
Its advisable to always back up your files using google drive.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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