how to resume/expired link in uc mini

how to resume/expired link in uc mini
i know many of us face this issue whereby you spend your time and money downloading a file at a point it stops and says expired link or downloading failed. Maybe you re downloading for some reasons your mb got exhausted and you didn't finish your downloading after some days you wish to resume your downloading and it says expired link or downloading failed .
Your problems are solved ,with this tutorial I'm going to show you all how you can resume your download on any browser uc browser ,chrome ,Firefox ,opera mini or other browsers . Requirements Uc Browser File manager or xplorer I will use uc browser for example Now goto your file manager locate your downloading folder ,move your file to another fold goto your uc browser click on your downloading file this time around it will start from beginning download at lease 10mb pause it back to your file manager delete the current download and move back your previous downloading file head to your uc browser click resume and it will resume from where it stopped .

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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