how to set up a blog on blogger


What's is blog?
A blog is a frequently updated website consisting of post for conversational purpose.

There re a lot of web hosting sites that offers blogging platforms such as WordPress ,joomla,,blogger (blogspot.our focus is on blogspot .

What is blogspot ?
Blogger is a platform owned by google that hosts people's website free .

How to start a blog ?
Upcoming bloggers do ask thes questions often ,the answer is makes up your mind which platform you want to start your blog WordPress or blogger.

If you have the money yes start with WordPress but if you don't have money to go for WordPress then start with blogger .

Why blogger
Blogger has many advantages over WordPress 
Blogger is owned by Google 
Blogger has AdSense integration
Easy to submit  a sitemap and seo since its owned by google 
Blogger has a google ranking than WordPress blog
Blogger offers free host ,everything on blogger is free .
Doesn't require money to start 
Easy to set up 
Doesn't require programming languages to start .

WordPress features 
Has plugins for better enhancement
Requires money to start
Better user enhancement
High security 
Better website

We are starting with blogger ,now GOTO and create your first website,create new blog  select your blog title name ,choose a domain name select theme and hit create button .
Congratulations you have created your first blog website.


Your cellphone
Your laptop

Note you can start blogging with either of the mentioned above it doesn't require much and if you really want to be a successful blogger you should remove money from your mind ,build your site ,have organic traffic money will be looking for you.

Benefits of owing a blog
You will become a good writer 
You will become a professional marketer 
You will become an author
You will have business knowledge
Source of income and revenue
Accuqure knowledge
Meet and socialize with people
Influence the world 
Become an expert 
Technology knowledge
Build a network & community 
Improve your SEO 
Help others
Build trust 
You will be famous 
Better researcher 

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