Symetuim android orea specifications 8gb ram 512storage and full window 10


See the world best trending phone .
Symetuim is yet to be launched  ,accordiong pctv symetuim is set to be running windows 10 and android orea .

Symetuim told the media it took them good 3years to develop symetuim software which will be running android 0rea and windows 10 ,8gb ram and 512 storage ,24pxl,7000 battery capacity, 2.5 Intel process 2.3 core snapdragon 832.

Storage is good 512 storage equivalent to PC storage 8gb ram fastness of this device is something to write home about .
Symetuim does exactly what Mac or windows 10 do.

Windows 10
Symetuim set to be running windows 10 ,this is good news for gamers and android lovers having windows 10 and android on one device .

Symetuim will come with the latest version of android 0rea and windows 10 .
Symetuim is set to be running full windows 10 android 0rea

Features of symetuim
Android 0rea
Windows 10
512 storage 
8gb ram
7000 battery capacity
2.5 Intel 2.3 core snapdragon 832
Digital tv
256 GB card slot
Water proof
2080P 5.0 inch OLED screen

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