100% double data on all networks


I know many of us don't know this, I have been using double data for 6months now yes its real you can get 2 times of your data when purchased,Many of us spend alot on data .
 I mean when you purchase mtn ,Airtel,glo or 9mobile 100,200,500,1,000 data you will get it double .
 1000 =1.5gb + 1.5gb =3gb applies to all data subscriptions. Double data works in all telecommunication networks so doesn't matter your location I know mtn users are rocking it already .check check out tstv

double data on mtn

 Yeah this code works for mtn users forget the message you will receive follow my instructions send
double to 131 Promo to 131
 Free to 131
you will get reply Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1# Even if you didn't get any reply or you got invalid command don't panic it has being activated on your simcard ,you will get double data on any data purchased.
 Note it it automatically doubles your data when purchased you don't ve to send this code again .activate 60gn on 9mobile
Activate double data on 9mobile

We all know 9mobile have been doing all their very best after successful switch from etisalat to 9mobile.first they introduced night data subscription which gives you 69gb for 2,000.unlimited browsing on 9mobile
Let's down to business to activate 9mobile double data you need to migrate to 9mobile morecliq here's the code to migrate to morecliq dial*244*1# after migrating to morecliq its not over yet you need to dial this code *545# message will be sent to you welcoming you into 9mobile double data now purchase any 9mobile data and you wil be given double data .

Activate double data on glo

 Glo the father of data yes I like glo though their network are poor in some states .okay how to get glo double data?glo double data doesn't require any code buy any glo data plan *777# leave auto renewal whenever you purchase or renew your data it will be double data .

Activate double data on Airtel

 I consider Airtel as best network so far ,their speed their 20x bonus Airtel is amazing to be honest . How to get double data on Airtel simply dial *144#you will be given double data on any purchase you made.how to browse and download on airtel free

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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