How to make android phone run faster


how to make android phone run faster

I know everything has changed in the world of technology
,but you still need this tutorial even if you re using 4gb ram I believe this tutorial is going to help in a way.

For some of us who are using 2gb ram have to take this tutorial serious for your own benefit .

how to make android phone run faster

You may have encountered & noticed that your smart phone is no longer running smoothly as it were when you bought it new ,yes it happens because you don't take good care of your phone.

They re several harmful apps we keep on our phone and most of these apps are ram killer and storage consumer .

Have you ever to once check everything that is running on your android system,you would be amazed to find out two or 3 apps are consuming 84℅ of your ram therefore slowing down your android phone .

 Uninstall unwanted apps

Stop keeping any app you re not making use of its not good for your android device.

Unwanted app takes ram space ,storage space not only that it zaps your mobile data also.

Kindly uninstall any android app you are not making use of.

2 Disable background apps

Always disable your background apps,not recommended to keep back ground apps it uses half of your android ram to run thereby rendering your android  phone in a very bad shape

3.close tabs

The secret is do n't open too many tabs close all tab you re not using as you may know any tab you open will automatically run on background especially heavy apps .

4. Force stop

Thumbs up to android developers for option

Quickly goto setting locates applications  or apps or downloaded apps then click on android app you want to force stop and click stop to force stop it running entirely till you turn off your device.

5 heavy apps

After making use of any heavy android app make sure to force stop it.some of us  do make this silly mistake,open Facebook,Instagram ,WhatsApp,twitter, candycrush ,temple run. Fifa,modern combat  at same time I tell you you re killing your phone ram .always make sure you close tabs you re not making use of.

6 don't use any ram booster app

All these apps claiming they boost ram are totally fake non of them really work rather they slow down your phone better don't use any .

7 system running apps

Great way to watch out on everything running in your system .goto setting applications running and close all tabs.this method is the only way to make your phone run faster than app boosters .

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