how to make your android battery last longer


to make your android battery last longer
Last time I wrote on how to reduce data usage on android phone,on today's article we will be focusing on android battery what's draining your android battery and how to make your android battery last longer.
Before we continue I would like to point out something really important about android .
Days are gone when we use Nokia java,blackberry old os that has long life battery capacity and doesn't run multitasking or open 4-10 tabs at same time.though recently android manufacturers have improved a lot by increasing battery capacity.some android phones now have 400-1,000 battery capacity,with this battery capacity you re guaranteed of 12hours talk time not really bad but we have to look into what exactly are draining our battery so fast and how to making it last longer.
Why android battery runs down so quickly
  • Pressing phone while charging 
  • Running multiple applications at same time
  • Battery not fully charged 
  • Battery is weak already
  • Charging your phone with fake chargers
  • Phone running older version

Close applications you re not using 
You may find this funny but its the truth,some applications we open drains our battery faster than HIV .
Ask yourself this question do you leave your electronics on when going out I know your answer is know same method applies to your android phone,turn off everything you are not using on your phone ,I mean your WiFi,mobile data and other applications .
Turn vibration mode on when you re not making use of your phone.
Yes this method works ,control your phone sound and notifications.keep your phone in vibration mode whenever you re not making use of it ,turn off your phone sound.

Thanks to android developers this option was included in android 4 upwards though some android phones don't have it,you can download it if your phone doesnt have it .
Appkill is a tool for killing apps once you finished using them.
I strongly advice you make use of your app killer once you finished using any application just click kill and kill everything.this application doesn't only make your phone run faster,it kills other applications running and draining your phone ram.
Just one click it kills everything running and hogging your battery.
Its recommended you download this app if your phone don't have it.

Check battery usage
Have you ever thought of checking your battery usage to see what is consuming your battery .
Goto setting about battery or goto setting battery see what is draining your battery  see your battery status.
Widgets & background
Many of us use live wallpapers and animation as background .its good to optimize our phone some of these apps we use comes with inbuilt ads they drain your phone battery when using them.
Always turn off mobile data and WiFi when not making use of then
Some of us do Leave their mobile data and WiFi on,Even when you are not making udecof it .according to research carried out mobile data and WiFi takes 70% of your phone data .its advisable to turn off your data & wife when not making use of them.
Reduce your brightness
Brightness is another bloody battery sucker .please always lower your brightness if you don't know how to do so using your notification navigation or setting display .
turn off location
If you must use GPS don't forget to turn it off once you re through with your GPS.

Restrict background apps & keep an eye on background apps

Yeah most of the apps installed on our device are background apps,they run themselves automatically .we can only eradicate them by using third party apps such as greenify .

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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