how to profit from facebook groups


How to make money with Facebook group/page
Many of us don't know this,yeah I won't portion blames let's get to the business .

Do you know you can build 100,000  Facebook group followers in less than 48 hours and sell it around $200 yes its possible nevertheless.

 goto to sign up with 20 accounts uses female as sex join some Facebook groups that have over 100,000 members now a create Facebook group,share your group link in those groups you have joined search for Facebook pages with over 400,000 likes share your link also share  on Facebook  pages ,convert your Facebook friends to the Facebook group /page by adding them
Make money fast
Don't panic if you didn't get up to 200,000 members in 48 hours just repeat above method till you get your desired followers then sell it .

Look for website/blog & business owners sell it at a high rate, for me I don't sell any of my groups below $100 and I rent it for  $30 every 10 days.
You can equally rent your Facebook group out and get money in return.
You can give it a try many people are making it through this method so guys best of luck.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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