How to reduce data usage on android


 How to reduce data usage on android 
We all know  what life is without the internet 96% of the people living in this world can't leave without the internet.
Data rate have been big problem facing Nigeria,yet to be tackled .
Many of us do complain of data zapping on their android device.
In Nigeria not everybody can afford the monthly subscription wouldn't want your purchased  data to get exhausted before the expiring date.
How to reduce data usage on android

Limit data usage
Some of us don't limit our data usage that's why we keep complaining of data zapping on our android device .its good to limit your data usage and frequently check on our usage.

Background data
Many of us don't know about background data,I call background data data sucking chip because 80% of data consumed on any android device are consumed by background data.always make sure you deactivate any all active back ground data running on your android device .
Auto start
Auto start simply means application & applications that will automatically start running when turn on your android device ,most of these auto start apps are hidden you can't easily detect them except you goto your running apps and  turn them start apps are not really good for your android device most especially when you have an active data.research carried out shows that 40% of auto start apps zapps your mobile data.
Some of us don't even know this ,live streaming consumes data quickly .
Stop streaming with your data if you must stream use WiFi or night data.

Always check your usage
Its important to check on your data usage to know apps that are taking most data and get ride of them.check your data usage and see what is really consuming your data.

Some of us don't know this ,know what you download and what you install on your android device .its proven some of the apps we installed on our device contains adverts,thereby consuming data and slowing down our android device .
Use opera mini
would recommend opera mini for anyone who wants to save reduce data consuming rate on tour android device .opera mini browser helps you save data when browsing the internet .

Adblock & us browser
We all know the importance of adsblocker.most of the internet websites we surf contains malicious ads,every android user who prefers google chrome & Firefox over opera must use adsblocker for data saving .
If you practice our tips I believe your data will start lasting long.

I am tmerlin a tech lover

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