skills you can learn in a week


skills you can learn in a week
Its good to be skillful and have a handwork despite who you are.for the fact that you re a human being you need to be good in one field or the other.
You can decide to learn any skill with in a week and become a professional on chosen field.
We will be listing out skills one could learn with short period of time

All these skills are free to learn you can learn through the internet or self learning .

Sewing means knowing how to fix fabric ,well if you don't know majority of Africa women knows how to sew 90% of them are making a living out of sewing .
Sewing is a good skill you could learn in due time without much stress .
Sorry to say this 80% of women in the world cannot cook delicious meal.why? They neglect the basic home training they could have grabbed at youth age.
Diet food keeps a healthy body,take away shy and learn how to cook.its something every woman should know ,watch YouTube videos and improve your cooking skills.

3.learn programming
Learn coding and programming online fast .register for online class on udemy,start building your programmes .

4.Public speaking
Many can't express themselves publicly reasearch shown people fear when speaking public,this is something everybody should be able to do .make out time and practice how to give speech publicly .

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide.blogging has many advantages like becoming a good writer,meeting people online and making money out of your blog. & video editing
Practice makes perfect .you can learn how to draw,video editing and turn photos into cartoon .you can learn all these skills through adobe,Photoshop or autodesk

7.learn how to write song

Well I write songs on my free time ,I write script too.start learning something today you may not know where you would perfect,today people are making it through music if you can't sing you can be a songwriter .

8.HAVE patience
 LEARN how to be patience in life ,some times in life, for one to succeed he may need to undergo some certain predicaments.if things are not working out as expected have patience and wait for the best to come.

9.make a plan
Plan your life very well if you really wanna succeed in this life .many people fail in life because they failed to plan their life .set goals work towards your goals and the sky will be your limit.

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