what are the effects of computer hacking


people categorise hacking as illegal activities including stealing bank funds, breaking into bank accounts, social media accounts, invading privacy, infecting computers with viruses to harm people for fun or any other thing they are going to say but i'll tell you that this isn't what hacking is all about but I wouldn't deny that it's part.
In the Cyber world a hacker is a person who is able to find loopholes and flaws in systems and manage to exploit them. The exploitation of the loop holes found (vulnerabilities) found here can either be reported and patched to improve security (Ethical hacking) or for malicious purposes such as stealing funds.

Origins of hacking

Hacking originated from the M.I.T engineers in the 1960's where a group of people were aimed at making computers do things against their original programming by their creators. If you take a deep look at this you'll see that hacking can also be defined as making a computer do things outside its creator's aim.

Hacking and Cracking

All forms of illegal activities done with the manipulation of computers are termed as cracking while all manipulations with good intentions are the actual hacking. Most people fail to differentiate between these two terms

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